Thursday, May 6, 2010

WIU Titans #2 and #3

Remember back to the April 16th post I talked about the WIU Titan Siblings. Well, Titan #2 has begun to grow some. Go back to the April 30th post to see a picture of it from that day for a comparison.
This picture below is of the WIU Titan #3. It is also just starting to grow. I will be potting it sometime today. I weighed it yesterday and it tipped the scale at 57 pounds.
These two Titans may flower this summer. I won't really know until the new bud gets some size to it, like 18 inches or so. I will provide updates concerning them, so stay tuned.


  1. Jeff:
    Would it be possible to set up a videocamera (or a digital camera) to do a time-lapse series showing the entire budding/blooming/collapse event? These photos are amazing; and knowing that WIU may be presenting this spectacle 2 more times this year is very exciting! Thanks for all the hard work that enabled this project to be so successful.

    Mark Donaghey
    Chicago, IL

  2. I'm working on it. There is not a hard wire internet connection in the greenhouse and there is no money to run one in. The only option, it seems, is to pick up the wireless signal that comes from Waggoner Hall next door and amplify it. Thanks, Jeff