Friday, May 25, 2012

The Show Is Over

Last night, Titan #3 collapsed.  Upon seeing that from home, I came in and pulled the plug on the live feed.  I do not have a clue as to why Titan #3 collapsed.  I speculate that some cool night temperatures may have effected it some.  (I do not think it was the total cause.)  The greenhouse was without steam (used for heating) for several weeks and there were several nights that it did get into the fortys.  Tropical plants generally do not like low temperatures and some get very finicky with anything below 50°F.  At this point, I am hoping the tuber survives and sprouts a leaf later this summer.

Below is a picture from last night of the male and female flowers of Titan #3.  The male flowers may still yield pollen that I can collect and store.


  1. Oh no...! I hope #3 grows well this summer and gets its bloom on again soon!

  2. Sorry to see that it gone down. If it is specified that it suitable in warm weather then protection must be there in the green house , because this one is really an antique and very uncommon. I didn't see it before.