Friday, April 30, 2010

April 3oth

Titan was 55 inches tall when measured at 8:00 am. For the third day in a row, it has grown 2.5 inches. Physical Plant resolved their steam supply problems so we had heat back in the greenhouse last night. It stayed at a nice 70° to 75° in the greenhouse all night. I'm sure the Titan appreciated that, I know I did.

I thought I would put this last picture up. It shows the second of our four Titans starting to peak out and put a few roots out. I am hoping it blooms too but will have to wait and see. In the middle picture, this Titan #2 is in the big pot to the left of the Titan in bloom and the smaller Titan in leaf.


  1. I wish I was there to see it!!!
    -Bob Connour

  2. The pictures were awesome. Thank you for sharing with all of us.